Miramar College Management Team

College President

President Lundberg
P. Wesley Lundburg, Ph.D., President

Phone: 619-388-7834

Executive Assistant to the President: Malia Kunst

Vice President of Instruction

Michale Odu

Michael Odu, Ph.D.

Phone: 619-388-7350

Administrative Assistant: Carol Sampaga 

Vice President of Student Services

Adrian Gonzales

Adrian Gonzales

Phone: 619-388-7810

Administrative Assistant: Rachel Martinez

Vice President of Admin Services

Brett Bell

Brett Bell

Phone: 619-388-7815

Information Officer

Steve Quis

Steve Quis

Phone: 619-388-7876

Dean, PRIE*

Daniel Miramontez

Daniel Miramontez, Ph.D.

Phone: 619-388-7333

Administrative Assistant: Val Sacro

*Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness

Dean, BTCWI*

Claudia Estrada-Howell

Claudia Estrada-Howell

Phone: 619-388-7392

Administrative Assistant: Vacant

*Business, Technical Careers & Workforce Initiatives

Dean, MBEPS*

Linda Woods

Linda Woods, Ph.D.

Phone: 619-388-7750

Administrative Assistant: Adrian Acain

*Mathematics, Biological, Exercise & Physical Sciences

Dean of Liberal Arts

Lou Ascione

Lou Ascione, Ph.D.

Phone: 619-388-7873

Administrative Assistant: Jeanette Moore

Dean, Student Affairs

Cheryl Barnard

Cheryl Barnard, Ph.D.

Phone: 619-388-7313

Administrative Assistant: Sandra Marquez 

Dean, Student Development




No Picture Available.






Allison Douglas-Chicoye, Ph.D.

Phone: 619-388-7270

Administrative Assistant: Vacant

Dean, Public Safety


No picture available. 









Phone: 619-388-7860

Clerical Supervisor: Lisa Howard

Associate Dean, Career Education

Mona Patel

Mona Patel (Acting)

Phone: 619-388-7392

Administrative Technician: Arnice Neff

Dean, Enrollment Services

Sonny Nguyen

Truongson (Sonny) Nguyen

Phone: 619-388-7505

Administrative Assistant: Saribel Morales-Rivera

Dean, Equity and LEAD* 

Nessa Julian

Nessa Julian, Ed.D. 

Phone: 619-388-7852 

Administrative Technician: Vacant

*Leading Equity, Anti-Racism, and Diversity