Professional Development FAQ

Professional Development Committee Mission Statement:

  • To promote professional development of faculty, staff, and administration by:
    • Providing assistance for Miramar College personnel in the development of personal growth plans.
    • Providing information about  conferences, workshops, and other programs for the betterment of classroom instruction, student support services and enhanced job performance.
    • Developing and maintaining a college-wide Professional Development Plan with alignment to campus and district planning, Accreditation Standards, and Title 5 Section 55730.
    • Developing and managing applications for disbursement of professional development funds for faculty and supervisors.

How to Apply for Professional Development Funds:

  • Download step-by-step instructions
  • Download the Travel & Professional Development Request Form (Click on Travel & Professional Development Request Form)
    • Please allow sufficient time for the committee to review travel request PRIOR to travel.  The PD Committee will need to approve the travel BEFORE it occurs.
    • We recommend turning in requests at least 4 weeks before travel within the United States, or longer, depending on the specific travel dates.
    • If you are requesting Pre-Payment (versus reimbursement) more time may be required.
  • View Directions for completing a Travel Authorization HERE
  • View Directions for completing an Expense Report HERE
  • View other Travel Instructional Guides HERE
  • Note: Complete the PeopleSoft forms AFTER committee approval at
  • Professional Development Funds are issued on a first-come first-served basis.  The earlier you apply for funds, the better your chances of getting to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can Adjunct Faculty use these funds?
    • Yes!  AFT allocates funds each year for Contract and Adjunct Faculty use.
  • Can Classified Supervisors use these funds?
    • Yes!  San Diego Miramar College has set up a fund that can be used by Supervisors to travel and attend conferences, apply the same way as Faculty using the same form.
  • Can Staff use these funds?
    • For individual travel and conferences, no.  Classified Staff can request travel and conference funds directly from AFT.
  • Are you looking for information about sabbatical leave, salary advancement, professional growth plans, and tenure track promotions?  
  • How can I get help with PeopleSoft entries and procedures?
  • When are requests due?
    • We highly recommend that you request your travel at least 4 weeks before the travel date.  More time may be required, depending on the travel dates and the committee meeting dates.  Requests for Professional Development Funds are due to the committee at least (1) week before the committee meeting to allow the members time to review your request.  The PD committee meets on the second Friday of each month starting in September.  
  • Can I travel during the summer months?  
    • Travel or conferences during the month of June can be approved, as long as the committee has a chance to review it before school lets out in May.  Work with the Business Office if your travel will not be completed before June 30th. 
    • Travel or conferences during the month of July and August can be approved, from the next year's budget, as long as the committee has an opportunity to review and approve it. 
    • The last committee meeting of the year is on the second Friday of May, so any summer travel or conferences need to be reviewed at that meeting.  Professional Development funds requests will not be reviewed after travel.  
  • Can I be reimbursed for meals and lodging?  
    • If you're traveling outside San Diego Country, you can get lodging expenses covered and receive per diem.  You will need to expense each meal on a separate line when entering into PeopleSoft.
    • If you’re traveling inside San Diego County, you are not eligible for lodging or per diem.
  • Do I need to keep my receipts?
    • YES, keep all of your receipts!   You will need to upload copies of all receipts (except meals) into your Expense Report after travel has occurred. 
  • Where do I submit my request?
    • Your completed form must first be approved by your Dean and/or Supervisor.  Once it is signed by the appropriate manager, you can put the form (and any required supporting documentation) in the Professional Development Committee mailbox in the mailroom.  It's on the bottom shelf, near all other department and committee mailboxes.

Instructional Improvement Activities Include:

  • Attend professional conferences/workshops to:
    • Develop new instructional skills
    • Improve course delivery
    • Make significant modification of a course to address the learning needs of diverse student populations (e.g. creating self-paced learning modules)
    • Explore alternate instruction methods
    • Participate in wellness activities that assist individuals to be physically and mentally better able to perform their jobs
    • Learn how to incorporate technology into your instruction

Institutional/Staff Improvement Activities Include:

  • Attend workshops on how to mentor students or how to mentor faculty
  • Participate in student, faculty, and staff diversity training (e.g., sexual harassment workshops, affirmative action conferences, cultural diversity seminars, multicultural activities)
  • Attend workshops or individually designed activities to improve or enhance a person's skills or knowledge in his/her own discipline
  • Participate in wellness activities that assist individuals to be physically and mentally better able to perform their jobs  
  • Learn a second language to better communicate with the diverse student population
  • Participate in disaster preparedness (e.g., district procedures, first aid, review of facilities to determine areas of need)

Student Improvement Activities Include:

  • Attend faculty and staff (e.g., tutors, lab assistants) meetings to improve services to students
  • Attend training in classroom research (assessment) techniques
  • Participate in student orientation programs
  • Participate in matriculation services (e.g. special orientation for ESL students, workshops in specific disciplines for students with undecided majors)
  • Participate in institutional research focused on meeting the needs of the students (e.g., job market surveys, transfer ratios, ethnicity data on students, gender equity, campus climate)
  • Conduct special workshops for students (e.g., understanding the college schedule, transfer requirements, setting academic goals)

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