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Miramar College will be closed on Monday, July 4th 2022.

We will reopen on Tuesday, July 5th, 2022.

New students must complete the Online Orientation and provide the certificate of completion prior to receiving an educational plan.  The orientation is designed to familiarize new students with important resources available to them at Miramar College. Please note, the orientation will only allow you to input 9 digits of your student ID. Please leave off the FIRST digit of your student ID, and provide the last nine digits.


To complete the Placement Assistant, students will need to know their College Student ID Number. After completing the placement, talk with a counselor to discuss the options available based of the placement you received. 

The Placement Assistant is intended for students who have not been placed for English and math yet. In most cases, students are placed while applying to Miramar. You may need to complete the Placement Assistant if:

  • You have no milestone levels
  • You were in high school while you applied to Miramar, and have since graduated
  • You incorrectly input your placement information when you applied (such as wrong GPA).
    • Note, you should reach out to the Assessment email if this is the case, as you may need to provide additional information.

The Placement Assistant can be accessed below. Students who have completed math and English courses also do NOT need to take the Placement Assistant.

After completing the Placement, students will receive an email in 1-2 business days that contains their milestones/placement levels.

Please note that the Placement Assistant does not let students resume, or back to change an answer. Plan to complete the Placement Assistant in one sitting. The Placement Assistant will provide an opportunity to review and change  answers before the final submission.


Take The Placement Assistant


Who Should take the Assessment?

The Assessment is an important part of determining your math, English, or ELAC class.

Important Information For Students:

The Placement Assistant offers students a new way to be placed into English and mathematics courses based on self reported data. The Placement Assistant is designed to be inclusive for all students no matter the educational history or time from from the last completed course. This means that it will be open to those who have not received a diploma and have GED scores, HiSET scores, CHSPE scores or even completed schooling in a foreign country!

The results from the Placement Assistant may or may not apply to outside colleges based on their independent determination.

ELAC- English Language Acquisition

If a student has completed the Placement Assistant and is given English courses, they may still opt to take the ELAC assessment. 

  • ELAC assessment is offered through an online placement tool, and can be completed from home.
  • Beginning level students are not required to take the ELAC assessment. Students may choose to enroll in beginning ELAC classes without taking the assessment.

To request an ELAC assessment, send an email to Include your name & college ID#, and that you wish to complete ELAC placement.


Alternative Placement Measures / Test Exemptions


Students with qualifying scores from alternative tests, prior completion of college English or math, or assessment results from another California community college may be exempt from taking the Placement Assistant.

 Alternative Placement Measures


Minimum required Score

 English  Math
 SAT  550  570
 ACT  22  23
 EPT  147  --
 ELM  --  50
 SBAC/CAASPP EAP   4 - Standard Exceeded: Ready for college level English coursework.  4 - Standard Exceeded: Reader for college level math coursework.


Students should submit official college transcripts and official copies of alternative test measures to the district office at:

San Diego Community College District

Attn. Student Services

3375 Camino del Rio South

San Diego, CA 92108-3883


Completing Assessment

  • New students must provide proof of completing the Online Orientation.
  • Upon completion of the Placement Assistant/ELAC assessment, you will receive a copy of your placement levels. Your Placement levels will be posted within 2-3 business days to your student records. You may also view your placement levels through your mySDCCD portal.
  • Counseling will interpret your results, and utilize them to help you develop a semester plan.