Miramar College Accreditation Reaffirmed for Seven Years

At its annual meeting June 5-6, 2024, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), the regional accrediting agency that evaluates two-year colleges in California, took action to reaffirm San Diego Miramar College’s accreditation for seven years through 2031.

In a letter from ACCJC President Mac Powell and Chair Dr. Lori Gaskin, the Commission reaffirms that San Diego Miramar College has provided evidence that it continues to be in compliance with accreditation standards, policies and eligibility requirements. The full letter can be found here.

“This kind of outcome of an accreditation visit can only happen when everybody is working together toward fulfillment of the college mission,” said Dr. Wesley Lundburg, president of San Diego Miramar College. “This outcome truly displays the College’s commitment to student access, equity, and success.”

The College’s Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) can be found here. The accreditation peer review team report to the campus can be found here.

As part of the regular seven-year evaluation cycle, a visiting team from the ACCJC reviewed the College’s comprehensive Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) and interviewed dozens of San Diego Miramar College faculty, staff and students during its campus visit Feb. 29-March 1of 2024.

Upon completion of that visit, San Diego Miramar College received one improvement recommendation from the visiting team for improving institutional effectiveness. Campus leadership has moved swiftly to address the recommendations by the visiting team.

  • Recommendation 1: In order to increase effectiveness, the team recommends the College implement and institutionalize its plan for collection, analysis, and disaggregation of learning outcome data for student subpopulations to assist with identifying performance gaps; implement strategies, which may include investment of resources, to mitigate the gaps; and evaluate the efficacy of those strategies. (I.B.2, I.B.6)

The next report due from the College will be the Midterm Report due March 15, 2028.

Accreditation is the primary means that educational institutions assure and improve quality. California community colleges must apply to the ACCJC, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Education. The process focuses on self-evaluation, peer review and quality improvement. Institutions are either reaffirmed or placed on sanction, which include four levels: warning, probation, show cause and termination of accreditation.

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