Professional Development Committee

Committee Goals

  • Provide assistance for Miramar College personnel in the development of personal growth plans.
  • Provide information about classes, conferences, workshops, and other programs for the betterment of classroom instruction, student support services and enhanced job performance.
  • Develop plans for disbursement of travel funds for faculty and classified staff.

Chair Requirements

Chair Eligibility – Co-Chairs- One Administrative Member and one Non-Administrative Member
Chair Election – Administrator: appointed by College President; Non-Administrative Member: elected
by committee
Chair Term – Two Years

Contact Information

Cheryl Barnard

Committee Composition

Administrators (3) Classified (4) Faculty (7) Students (0)
Sonny Nguyen Sam Shooshtary Allen Andersen
Linda Woods Sean Young Donnie Tran
Cheryl Barnard Carrie De Moll Cynthia Gilley
Yolanda Giang Kevin Gallagher
Laura Gonzalez
Angela Smith
Representative--School of Liberal Arts

Committee Procedures

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.

Further information about the committee and how to apply for professional development funds, refer to this page.