Faculty (Contract) Hiring Committee

Committee Goals

The committee will develop and prioritize a contract faculty hiring list annually.

Chair Requirements

Co-Chairs - Co-Chairs of Academic Affairs

Committee Composition

Committee Membership

Voting members consist of the voting members from Academic Affairs and the Academic Senate President.

Committee Procedures

The following procedures apply to the process of generating the Contract Faculty Ranking Priority List to include all Contract Faculty employed at San Diego Miramar College.

General Procedures

  1. By the October meeting date, the Contract Faculty Hiring Committee (CFHC) will have reviewed and determined the ranking criteria, proposal and procedure to be used for that academic year.
  2. Within one week after the October meeting date, each department will provide the proposed positions to the VPI’s office in order to gather the necessary qualitative data for the Contract Faculty Hiring Proposal. The qualitative data will be provided by the VPI’s office to the departments who requested the information within one week. Faculty Hiring Proposal must be completed and returned to the VPI’s office one week after.
  3. The co-chair of Faculty Hiring will work to shared the pre-filled data with each proposal’s department Chair and area Dean or VPSS within two weeks after all the oral presentations have been heard at Contract Faculty Hiring Committee.
  4. Within two weeks after all the oral presentation have been heard at Contract Faculty Hiring Committee, all the qualitative criteria scores must be submitted to the VPI’s office for summation.
  5. During the December meeting, the Contract Faculty Hiring Committee will meet to review the tally of all criteria for all positions and make a recommendation of the Contract Faculty Ranking Priority List to Academic Senate by their last meeting date of the semester. The ranking list prepared at the meeting remains effective until the next ranking meeting held during the Fall semester is determined.
  6. Once the ranked list is determined, alterations may not be made to the list unless extenuating circumstances occur which were not present during this list establishment cycle. The committee shall determine and agree a situation is “extenuating” by a simple majority paper ballot vote.
  7. Should extenuating circumstances occur, the CFHC will meet to discuss and determine with a 60% paper ballot vote whether or not to create a new list of positions not yet approved by the president of the college.
Additional Hiring Committee Policies
  1. When a faculty transfers from another SDCCD college to Miramar College, the program/service area loses its similar position on the respective ranking list if such exists.
  2. It is expected that the process of filling a vacant or new faculty position will begin as soon as possible following the approval of the president and district to proceed with the search process. If a department/program takes longer than one academic year to fill the vacant or new position, the delay alone will not result in that vacant or new position being assigned to another program on the priority list, either in the academic year in which the position was approved for hire or in the subsequent academic year. Chairs and Deans will be required to report to the Faculty Hiring Committee once per year on the hiring-process status of all new and vacant faculty positions.
  3. Each school can alter any position from one discipline within the school to a “Replacement” or “New Hire” position in another discipline with the mutual agreement of both programs’ faculty, the school faculty, the school dean and the Miramar College Faculty Hiring Committee
  4. Pending College President’s approval, the FHC recommends that the criteria for automatically filling a vacated faculty position be one of the following:
    1. a faculty member vacates a position for any reason prior to receiving tenure;
    2. a tenured faculty member vacates a position and that person was the only contract faculty member who taught courses in that particular subject area (e.g. SOCO, BIOL, BUSE, CBTE) in the past year, and at least 1.0 FTEF (per semester) in that subject area was offered over the past year.
    If a tenured faculty position is vacated for any reason other than that stated above, then the FHC recommends that faculty position be held vacant until such time that the next prioritized hiring list is created.

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

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