Curriculum Committee

Chair Requirements

Chair: Curriculum Chair/Coordinator

Committee Membership

Administrators (1) Classified (2) Faculty (8)** Students (1)
Vice President of Instructional Services Evaluator* Curriculum Chair/Coordinator Designee
Evaluator* BTCWI Designee
Liberal Arts Designee
MBEPS Designee
Public Safety Designee
Articulation Officer
Counselor Designee
Counselor Designee
*Designated by the District Office **If an English Subject Matter Expert and a Mathematics Subject Matter Expert are not present in seated membership, those faculty may be added as Ex Officio Advisors for those areas.

Committee Purpose/Charge

This committee is the campus approval authority for all curriculum proposals affecting San Diego Miramar College. It follows District policies issued by the District Curriculum Instructional Council, State policies issued by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, and State law and regulations set forth in California Education Code and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. This committee will also be informed and guided by curriculum-related recommendations from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. Committee procedures are specified in SDCCD Board Policy 5300 and Administrative Procedure 5300.2 and the CCCCO - Program and Course Approval Handbook.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Update and revise as needed the department chair personnel list in the curriculum management system.
  • Communicate periodic summary of curriculum changes to the Chair of Chairs.
  • Review and approve new curriculum as well as revisions of current curriculum such as courses, programs, certificates, and degrees, including distance education components in collaboration with discipline experts.
  • Ensure that the curriculum offered from San Diego Miramar College is in the best interests of student equity and success.
  • Ensure that any curriculum proposal for Program Initiation and/or Program Discontinuance has been vetted through the Program Viability Process prior to any official action at the committee level.
  • Report to the Academic Senate when substantial changes to District Board Policies (BPs) or Administrative Procedures (APs) regarding curriculum processes are proposed, and anytime there are new proposals for academic programs at San Diego Miramar College that will lead to a degree or certificate of achievement.
  • Report to the Academic Senate as necessary to include matters that substantially impact one or more programs, or the coordination of instruction and services to students.
  • Assist with the review of the accreditation self-study responses to the appropriate standards and monitor the college’s progress in meeting plans and recommendations specific to its accreditation charge.
  • Committee representatives are responsible for dissemination of relevant curriculum additions, changes, and updates in a timely manner to the discipline members, assuring discipline faculty concurrence.
  • Perform work and provide evidence to ensure the college meets applicable areas of Accreditation Standard I-II.

Committee Procedures

  • Membership term lengths: Unless membership is designated by position, there is a two (2) year appointment with an option for an additional two-year service, and the possibility of 1 additional term if the position remains available.
  • This Committee is a decision-making committee of the Academic Senate.
  • Committee retains authority to form taskforces and workgroups related directly to committee charge.
  • The Administration will provide the note taker and clerical support.
  • Plans/Reports: Curriculum Reports to Academic Senate; Annual summary of goals and accomplishments to the Academic Senate.
  • Quorum: 50% +1 of membership.
  • Committee Approval Process: Vote.

Meeting Frequency

Committee will meet no less than once per month during the fall and spring semesters.