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Malia Kunst

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Mission Statement

The San Diego Miramar College Classified Senate is dedicated to supporting participatory governance for the Classified Professional Staff at our institution. In addition, the Senate recognizes the value and contributions that Classified Professional Staff provide to the campus community. The Senate is dedicated to promoting the participation of Classified Staff in participatory governance at the campus and District levels. The Miramar College Classified Senate strongly believes that Classified Professional Staff participation is essential in providing valuable information and input because of their expertise and experience. Classified staff are involved in every area of our college and are committed to the belief that input from Classified Professional Staff, the people in the trenches, provides essential contributions to the institution’s ability to make sound "educated" decisions with the best available information.

Committee Procedures


The Classified Senate meets every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month (alternating start time of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.) in the New Employee Lounge located in Room U4-100.  Ideally we would like to have at least one senator from the different areas around the campus. The senator can inform the senate of new staff, or events in their different areas they represent. They can also bring information from the senate back to their areas.