Academic Senate Equivalency Committee

Contact Information

Paul (Pablo) Martin

Chair Requirements

Chair: Academic Senate President

Committee Membership

Faculty (3)
Faculty member from outside of the discipline for which the candidate is being considered (3)

Committee Purpose/Charge

The Academic Senate Equivalency Committee (ASEC) is an Ad Hoc Committee that shall be established by the Academic Senate to fulfill the requirement of California Education Code 87359, which states that the equivalency process “shall include reasonable procedures to ensure that the governing board relies primarily upon the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate to determine that each individual employed under the authority granted by the regulations possesses qualifications that are at least equivalent to the applicable minimum qualifications….”

Committee Responsibilities

  • In alignment with SDCCD Administrative Procedure 7211, the ASEC shall:
    • Be available to Screening Committees as a resource regarding equivalency determinations, to further clarify criteria as needed.
    • Review the recommendations of the Equivalency Subcommittees of the Screening Committees, asking the following questions:
      • Was the decision made in accord with this procedure?
      • Specifically, did the Equivalency Subcommittee of the Screening Committee follow the criteria for evidence of equivalency stated in this procedure?
      • Are the Equivalency Subcommittee’s decisions consistent with similar decisions made by earlier committees in this discipline or similar disciplines?

Committee Procedures

As of Spring 2024, the SDCCD’s current AP 7211 is under review to clarify and streamline the equivalency process. The current Administrative Procedure AP 7211 should be searchable here:

Each college in the District has clarified their application of the equivalency process and they are all basically the same.

Below is a breakdown of how Miramar's ASEC has been applying AP 7211 since July, 2022:

Have the applicant seeking equivalency complete the form included in the document “AP 7211 Equivalency Determination Procedure 092523.pdf”.

The Department Chair and/or Dean gather two or three discipline expert faculty members to review the application. Please note that “When someone is granted equivalency, it is within an entire discipline, as opposed to a single course” (p. 4).

Have these discipline experts sign the digital friendly form “BLANK AP 7211 Equivalency Form.pdf” rather than the form on the last page of the application document.

Forward the signed form to the Academic Senate President so they can convene the Academic Senate Equivalency Committee. The ASEC is comprised of three non-discipline faculty who’s sole duty is to ensure that the AP 7211 process was followed. If they approve, the committee will sign the form and send it back to the appropriate Department Chair and Dean overseeing the school hiring the faculty member.

The Dean then signs it and forwards it on to SDCCD HR for final processing.

Meeting Frequency

Committee will be convened as needed for each minimum qualification equivalency request.