Request Research

  • For public information which is highly aggregated, or broadly categorized, such as enrollment figures, transfer rates, or any other institution-wide data, please visit the District Research website for available reports.
  • For general requests for program evaluation, research reports, survey data, and data that are disaggregated, or broken out by categories, to some extent, such as success rates for student progress at the program level, please complete the Miramar College Research Request Form and return it to the Office of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness. You may also schedule a meeting with the Research and Planning Analyst to discuss and refine your request.
  • For special requests for research reports and sensitive information that is highly disaggregated, such as student contact information, data at the Course Reference Number (CRN) level, student records, and all personally identifiable information, please review the Miramar College Guidelines for Protecting Data Sensitivity (GPDS) facts and the Miramar College GPDS FAQs and sign the GPDS form in order to have your request processed.
  • External requests, such as those from the press, community, or outside agencies, please contact the Office of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness, which will route the request through the San Diego Miramar College Research Committee for approval and prioritization. Research proposals coming from outside the campus are subject to review and approval or disapproval by the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please review the SDCCD IRB policies and guidelines and prepare your proposal accordingly.
  • Research requests are prioritized based on the Miramar College College-wide Research Agenda.