Engineering Club Wins at Tennessee ROV Competition

The Miramar College Engineering Club placed well at the MATE ROV Competition in Tennessee during the week of June 17-21, 2023. The team built and deployed an underwater vehicle that completed oceanographic tasks. The club won first place in their division in 2 categories, and our own Akili Ploudre, won the MVP award for the engineering presentation! Akili’s part of presentation stood out and the ROV frame he designed was innovative. In addition, MATE selected 4 members of our team (Akili, Kaylee, and the Sediki twins) to participate in a 5-day voyage on an oceanography research vessel in early August 2024 with all expenses paid. 

Overall place: 6th out of 13 

Score: 356.5 (1st place got 466 out of a possible 750 points)
3 Awards: 

1-Engineering Presentation MVP: Akili Pioudre
2-Marketing Display Champion 
3-Engineering Presentation Champion

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