Miramar College Launches AANHP Learning Community

Starting with the fall 2024 semester, Miramar College will be launching our first Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Learning Community. To participate, students must take both College-Level English and Filipino American Studies together as a cohort. 


  • ENGL 101, taught by Professor Denise Maduli-Williams, will meet the writing course general education (GE) requirement for our degree and university transfer.  
  • FILI 100, taught by Professor Judy Patacsil, is the only ethnic studies course, with an AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) focus, that will meet the ethnic studies general education (GE) requirement for our degree and university transfer. 

 There are many benefits to being part of a learning community: 

  • Multiple studies have shown that learning communities help student success.  
  • Students will have access to embedded counseling and tutoring support. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to engage in community-building activities and leadership development.  

 To learn more: 

 For questions, email the Leading Equity Antiracism & Diversity (LEAD) Office @ MiramarLEAD@sdccd.edu  



AANHPI flyer