Welcome Fest Held Feb. 1

Miramar College will host its first ever Welcome Fest on Thursday, Feb. 1 from 11:00am to 1:30pm on Compass Point. The Miramar College Foundation has received a generous gift underwriting this Spring 2024 welcome luncheon: Welcome Fest 2024. 

The entire Miramar campus community is welcome to join! The event is intended to support community building at Miramar: allowing students to visit with faculty and employees outside of the classroom and offices, make new connections, and build a greater affinity with the college.  The funding donor, Dr. Roberta Baade (who has allowed us to use her name in conjunction with this event), will be in attendance as well. 

Come for free lunch, fun games, and music from a dynamic DJ. 

This event is hosted by the Miramar College Foundation through a generous gift from Dr. Roberta Baade in memory of Dr. George Yee, Miramar College President from 1977-1989.

Welcome Fest