New WiFi On-Campus

Starting this Semester the San Diego Community College District has rolled out a new Wi-Fi experience.  New and returning students will not need to play the “hunt the Wi-Fi password” game.  Instead, you already have your login information!  It is the same information you use to log into your mySDCCD portal; that is simply your SDCCD student ID and mySDCCD password.  Please review which has more information and details some difference in the process between Apple and Android devices.

 The new Wi-Fi network names (called an SSID) are SDCCD-Campus-Connect and SDCCD-Campus-Connect-Guest.

 For returning students, we hope you notice a more robust connection across the entire campus.  The upgrade also included more public areas and should eliminate most dead spots on campus.  Please ensure you configure your device to forget the old Miramar Wi-Fi SSID which was “MiramarWireless” and use the new Wi-Fi networks detailed above.

 If you have any issues connecting with your student ID, please contact the help desk. In the meantime, you can use the Guest network which does not require a login, but is limited to four-hour sessions.  After four hours, you will need to reconnect and agree to the terms & conditions again to resume your use of the Wi-Fi.

 While we have your attention, all students should take a moment to review some important changes to the financial aid process.  Many students qualify for some amount of financial aid without realizing it!