Pt. Loma Nazarene University to Offer Bachelor Degree in Business at Miramar College

Point Loma Nazarene University and San Diego Miramar College have entered into a 3-year partnership to support students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Starting in the spring of 2024, Miramar College students and alumni can pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration without ever leaving the Miramar College campus.

This collaboration allows professors from PLNU’s BBA program to teach business courses on Miramar College’s Mira Mesa campus. Miramar College graduates and alumni, who have earned their AA, are qualified to enroll in this degree program and they will receive a 20% discount off the price of tuition. The degree program can be completed in just 6 semesters.

The partnership aims to provide students with a comprehensive and supportive learning experience. Alongside the discounted tuition and accelerated program duration, students enrolled in the BBA program will benefit from the cohort model implemented throughout the curriculum. By being part of a cohort, students have the opportunity to develop strong relationships and establish a network of peers who share their academic and career goals. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and enables students to support one another throughout their educational journey.

To further enhance student success, the program also offers access to success counselors who provide guidance and support to address any academic or personal challenges students may encounter. Additionally, a dedicated career coach is available to assist students in navigating the job market, exploring internship opportunities, and preparing for their future careers. This comprehensive support system ensures that students not only receive a quality education but also gain the necessary skills and resources to thrive both academically and professionally.

The PLNU-Miramar College partnership represents a commitment to the success and advancement of students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. By combining the expertise of PLNU's faculty with the accessibility and resources of Miramar College, this collaboration provides an exceptional educational opportunity for aspiring business professionals. Together, these institutions are empowering students to achieve their goals and embark on successful careers in the dynamic field of business. 

“San Diego Miramar College is pleased to partner with the Fermanian School of Business from Point Loma Nazarene University and provide an excellent pathway for students to further their education and earn a bachelor of business administration degree in a learning environment already familiar to them on the Miramar College campus,” David Wilhelm, business professor and program director.  “We look forward to the partnership helping students achieve their academic and professional goals that meets their needs for academic quality, convenient location and completed in an accelerated time period.”

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