Science Olympiad Draws Thousands

The Science Olympiad returned to Miramar College for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic Saturday, March 3. 

Between 3,500-4,000 attended throughout the day. Of the attendees, about 1,500 were students from regional middle schools and high schools (click on the link to see the list of schools in attendance

At the Science Olympiad, students worked together in teams of up to 15 to compete in 23 events. The events change from year to year, covering fields and topics including: anatomy and biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, geology, mechanical and structural engineering, and technology.

Some events involve taking a test, while others involve doing hands-on labs, or even building and bringing a device to the tournament.  From the tournament we hosted, 7 middle school and 9 high school groups will have the opportunity to compete at the Southern California State competition in April and, potentially, move on to the National Science Olympiad competition.

Some amazing feedback from the event organizers and attendees:  “Wow, the campus is so beautiful”, “I didn’t know this existed, I had heard of the college, but this is a great place” and “the facilities were fantastic to host this event!”


Science festival