Student Spotlight: James Walker’s Dedication and Drive

Welcome to another edition of Student Spotlights, a series presented by Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) featuring ambitious students and alumni who are making great strides in their collegiate journeys and career goals. Today, we’re lifting up James Walker from Miramar College, who completed his Computer Business Technology (CBTE) Legal Secretary Certificate in Spring 2021.

Walker’s longtime passion for law enforcement and criminal justice prompted him to pursue this field of study. 

“It matches my interest with my skill set, and I’m confident that I can be successful in contributing to help others,” he said. “I also had a connection with several people that work in law enforcement, and I’ve always been interested in what they do.”

As a participant in the DSPS College 2 Career (C2C) program, Walker was also connected to a team of tutors, coaches, counselors, and other staff committed to providing academic accommodations, career resources, and general support. 

“I’m grateful for having had these services that helped me achieve my goals and led to some friendships and relationships that I developed while going to college,” he said.

Natacia Cordle, C2C Coordinator, is thrilled to be able to provide this assistance to students like Walker.

“James is a dedicated and driven student who is always on task,” said Cordle. “We are excited to support him in developing the connections needed to improve his long term career goals!”

Through the assistance of C2C, Walker is pursuing multiple internship opportunities with State and local government that could potentially grow into competitive paid employment. In the meantime, he volunteers at a small law firm and works part-time in retail to bolster his skills and qualifications.

Walker is a shining example of how students can utilize campus resources and programs as a springboard for success in the job market. He offered several tips for prospective students with disabilities:

“Follow your dreams, work hard to achieve them, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” said Walker. “Make sure that you are taking advantage of your academic accommodations and other Disability Support Programs and Services that are available to you. These supports really helped me and can be of great benefit to you in achieving your goals. Lastly, I would suggest looking into the College2Career Program, checking and responding to emails daily, and maintaining a good system for organizing your schedule.”

Thanks to James for sharing his story along with this helpful advice! If you are a SDCCD student with disabilities looking for support and resources, make sure to visit the C2C and DSPS websites, and be sure to check back in soon for additional Student Spotlights!

James Walker