Student Spotlight: A Bright Future Ahead for Luc Huynh

A passion for Biotechnology runs in the family, according to Miramar College student Luc Huynh, who chose to pursue his degree in the field after learning about his cousin’s job at Biolegend.

“My most interesting classes so far were the BIO and CHEM lab classes, since they involved specific procedures that I got to learn a bit more about,” he said. 

As a participant in SDCCD’s Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS), which includes the College 2 Career (C2C) program, Huynh found his stride in a challenging major with the help of DSPS and C2C staff.

“DSPS services allowed me to get some help on stuff that I would likely struggle with if I worked on my own,” said Huynh. The programs “also enabled me to do better on quizzes and tests, since the extended test times allowed me to answer the questions without rushing.”

Huynh believes a similar approach can be beneficial for students with disabilities like his, and offered this advice to prospective students:

“It's best if you plan ahead of time in order to get stuff done,” he said. “That way, you won't have to worry much, and the risk of rushing through important details would be lowered.”

This summer, Huynh will be putting his freshly earned degree to work as he begins a six-week summer science internship with Pfizer Corporation. According to his mentors, Huynh is sure to make a positive impression during the internship and wherever his post-collegiate journey leads.

 “Luc is a polite, hardworking young man who is a pleasure to work with,” said Dave Clark, DSPS Counselor and Assistant Professor.  

Natacia Cordle, C2C Coordinator, agrees that Huynh’s future looks bright:

“Luc is academically stellar, and we have high hopes for his career outlook!”

Best wishes to Luc as he continues his adventures in Biotechnology and beyond! Join us again soon for more Student Spotlights, and don’t forget to visit DSPS to learn how we can offer support to SDCCD students with disabilities. 

Luc Huynh