Student Services Hub Available in CANVAS

Here is a great resource available to students within Canvas.  

The Student Services team developed a Student Services Hub that is housed within every Canvas course shell to assist students with navigating their overall Miramar experience.  This SS Hub has important information regarding financial aid, academic counseling, academic success services, and campus events. It is important to note that the SS Hub is not meant as a replication of the information on our website but rather as a more intuitive approach to seeking support from a student's perspective.

To access the SS Hub, students simply need to log into Canvas and click on Student Support icon.

To learn more about the hub, please watch this video:

The Student Services Hub is also available to any faculty and staff with Canvas access.  We hope you find this resource helpful and that you share this information with your students.  We also welcome any feedback you may have as we will continue working to broaden the content over time.