Weekly COVID-19 Testing Information and Vaccination Status Upload Information

All students who are not fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 vaccination requirement, and who are enrolled in a class with an ‘in-person’ component (‘On-Campus’ or ’Hybrid (Partially Online)’) are required to submit to weekly COVID-19 testing every week throughout the semester. Testing at Miramar College begins August 30 and will be held every Tuesday from 6am-12pm and Wednesday’s 2pm-6pm. COVID-19 testing will take place in K1-107, which is located on the ground floor of the Student Services Building, however, those being tested will enter at the K1-107 exterior door located on the east side of the Student Services Building.

Students with an approved exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination must be tested for COVID-19 every week throughout the semester. Students who have submitted a vaccination card with one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination must be tested for COVID-19 every week throughout the semester until two weeks after their second dose and also re-uploaded proof of your vaccination card with 2 doses listed.

Students who do not comply with testing requirements are prohibited from attending class in person and may be dropped from the course and its co-requisite.

Students can get the COVID-19 test at any third-party or San Diego County testing locations, and must submit the molecular test results through our online submission site. The Molecular Test (NAAT, RT-PCR, or LAMP test) is needed to satisfy testing requirements.

SDCCD is undertaking these steps to ensure a safe return to campus this fall for all students, faculty, and staff. COVID-19 testing will be a part of our ongoing efforts to track and limit the coronavirus within our community. However, getting vaccinated remains the cornerstone of our plan. We encourage everyone eligible to get vaccinated as soon as possible. This is the best way to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, staff, and loved ones. Submit your vaccination card now, and be entered into opportunity drawings throughout the semester.

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