Covid-19 Vaccinations Now Available from Student Health at Miramar College

Covid 19 vaccinations are now available from Student Health at Miramar.  Appointments are necessary. 

Set up your appointment and access forms at Miramar College Health Services Appointment

· Set up an appointment and choose from our available vaccines. Janssen needs only one dose, Moderna needs a second dose.

· We are located in the Welcome Center-K2 building, which is between the large K1 building and parking structure G4. Parking is free in unmarked spaces. 

 What to Bring to Your Vaccination 

· Must show photo ID (e.g., school or work ID, membership card) AND proof of age (something that shows date of birth). These COVID-19 Vaccines are adults doses and you must be18 years and older to receive a vaccine at this event.

 How to contact us at Miramar Student Health

· Call 619-388-7881 we are in the office or monitoring the phones and will return your call promptly during business hours.

· Join our canvas page