Miramar College Partners with Edquity to Help Students Find Resources to Support Basic Needs

In need of financial support? Get the Edquity app today on your iPhone or Android, and follow Edquity on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

Every year, millions of students drop out from college due to financial reasons. To help mediate this, San Diego Miramar College recently announced a partnership with Edquity— a new service that helps colleges boost student retention, and helps students like you manage your personal finances, find resources on and off campus, and more!

If you’re enrolled at San Diego Miramar College and need help meeting your basic needs, download the Edquity app on your iPhone or Android device today!

What is the Edquity app? 

The Edquity app is your one-stop-shop to find resources when you’re experiencing a financial crisis, and get the support you need to be financially successful at San Diego Miramar College. 

Download the Edquity app today in order to:

  • Discover resources on or near campus. From medical care to food pantries, the Edquity app includes a visual map and detailed information about dozens of resources on and off campus to help meet your basic needs. 
  • Create and discover events with free food. Are you part of a student organization that hosts events with free food? Use the Edquity app to spread the word, or learn about events across campus where you can share a meal with your San Diego Miramar College community. 

Questions? Reach out to support@edquity.co and an Edquity student success representative will get in touch right away.