Student Services Committee

Contact Information

Adrian Gonzales

Chair Requirements

Co-Chair: Any member, elected by committee.
Co-Chair: Vice President of Student Services

Committee Membership

Administrators Classified Faculty Students
VPSS Admissions Designee Instructional Designee Designee
Dean of Student Development & Matriculation Financial Aid Designee Counseling Chair Designee
Dean of Student Affairs Counseling Designee DSPS Designee Designee
Instructional Designee Special Programs Designee Special Programs Designee
Student Health Services Coordinator Mental Health/Student Health Designee
Instructional Designee Counseling Designee

Committee Purpose/Charge

The Student Services Committee contributes to the improvement of students’ educational experience related to co-curricular programs and student support services through the recommendation of new proposals and initiatives and the periodic review of current policies, procedures, and program initiatives and that affect student satisfaction, equity, and success.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Periodically review and recommend changes to policies and procedures on student services related matters.
  • Review and recommend strategies to address legislative and regulatory changes that will impact student services program and activities.
  • Support the communication of changes to campus community.
  • Recommend programs and services that will be beneficial to the educational experience of students.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and review of college-wide plans, initiatives, and student support services and activities.
  • Explore and recommend new policies, procedures, programs, and activities as the needs of the students and community college change.
  • Recommend and support the use periodic surveys of student satisfaction, communicate results campus-wide, and facilitate implementation of agreed upon intervention strategies.
  • Encourage participation and support among faculty, classified professionals, and administrators for student services and activities.
  • Encourage an environment in which issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect are explored and embraced.
  • Support the retention and success of non-traditional students through exposure to a co-curriculum of services and activities with multi-cultural content that prepares students to live and be engaged in a diverse world.
  • Encourage the use of student success and equity data and research to inform college practices and the allocation of resources.
  • Support professional development efforts related to student access, success, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Monitor and engage in the college’s efforts toward meeting the goals and recommendations specific to its accreditation standards.
  • Provide meaningful intersection and interface with equivalent District committee.
  • Perform work and provide evidence to ensure the college meets applicable areas of Accreditation Standard II.

Committee Procedures

  • Membership term lengths: Unless membership is designated by position, there is a two (2) year appointment with an option for an additional two-year service, and the possibility of 1 additional term if the position remains available.
  • Recommendations made to College Council; recommendations regarding Academic and Professional Matters made to Academic Senate.
  • Authority to form taskforces and workgroups related directly to committee charge.
  • Plans/Reports: N/A
  • Quorum: 50% +1 of membership.
  • Committee Approval Process: Vote.

Meeting Frequency

The Committee will meet twice per month during the academic year.


Important Documents

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes