Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (IDEA) Committee

Chair Requirements

Co-Chairs: Two Members, elected by committee from separate constituencies.

Committee Membership

Administrators Classified Faculty Students
Associate Dean of Academic Success and Integrated Support Services Designee BCTWI Designee Designee
Designee Designee Liberal Arts Designee Designee
Designee MBEPS Designee Designee
Designee PRIELT Designee
Designee Public Safety Designee
Student Services Designee
4 at-large Designees
(ex-officio) Vice President of Student Services (VPSS) Faculty Coordinator for Educational Equity

Committee Purpose/Charge

The committee is committed to promote understanding, engagement and appreciation throughout the College and District for all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Serve as the liaison between the College, the District Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee, and the District’s Campus Diversity Advisory Council (CDAC).
  • Sponsor activities and events at the College that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Provide feedback and evaluation of the Student Equity Plan and college reports which advance diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus.
  • Support, coordinate, and/or implement programs, seminars and workshops that explore diversity, equity, and inclusion issues for faculty, classified professionals, and students.
  • In coordination with the Research Office, lead equity self-studies, equity data workshops, and equity leadership development.
  • Provide leadership in the development of curriculum that addresses equity, ethnic studies, and social justice.
  • Support and advance the institutional core values of inclusiveness.
  • Participate in equity self-studies, equity data workshops, and equity leadership development.
  • Gather information for the Ethnic Studies degree requirements and facilitate its development
  • Regularly gather, review, and assess college data to identify potential gaps and make recommendation to mitigate equity gaps.
  • Perform work and provide evidence to ensure the college meets applicable areas of Accreditation Standards I-IV.

Committee Procedures

  • Membership term lengths: Unless membership is designated by position, there is a two (2) year appointment with an option for an additional two-year service, and the possibility of 1 additional term if the position remains available.
  • Recommendations are made to College Council; recommendations regarding Academic and Professional Matters are made to Academic Senate.
  • Committee retains authority to form taskforces and workgroups related directly to committee charge.
  • Plans/Reports: Student Equity Plan.
  • Quorum: 50% +1 of membership.
  • Committee Approval Process: Vote.

Meeting Frequency

The Committee will meet a minimum of once per month during the academic year.