Enrollment Management Committee

Contact Information

Kevin Petti
Michael Odu

Chair Requirements

Co-Chair: Chair of Chairs
Co-Chair: Vice President of Instructional Services

Committee Membership

Administrators Classified Faculty Students
Vice President of Instructional Services Designee Chair of Chairs Designee
Dean, BTCWI Instructional Department Chairs Designee
Dean, Liberal Arts Counseling Chair Designee
Dean, MBEPS Counseling Designee
Dean, Public Safety
Dean, Student Services

Committee Purpose/Charge

To promote and sustain institutional effectiveness, with a primary focus on student success in accordance with San Diego Miramar College’s mission. The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) will develop and promote an integrated and comprehensive approach to enrollment management that promotes and supports college-wide collaboration and engagement.

The purpose of the EMC is to discuss and promote beneficial enrollment management strategies, including guiding principles for class scheduling, and make recommendations that promote student access, equity and success.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Continuous review and evaluation of enrollment trends.
  • Initiate and evaluate research on scheduling and course modalities at the college and department levels.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to inform recommendations.
  • Collaborate with college constituencies to develop, implement, and evaluate enrollment management goals and strategies that align with the Instructional Division Plan within the confines of the San Diego Miramar College Integrated Planning process.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress toward strategic enrollment management planning goals.
  • Develop, recommend, and promote enrollment management strategies and guiding principles for class scheduling.
  • Perform work and provide evidence to ensure the college meets applicable areas of Accreditation Standard II.

Committee Procedures

The Committee will meet a minimum of once per month.


Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

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