Distance Education Standards Committee

Contact Information

Ryan Moore

Chair Requirements

Chair: Any member, elected by committee.

Committee Membership

Committee Composition
Administrators Classified Faculty Students
Instructional Dean Designee Online Faculty Mentor Representative
BTCWI Designee*
Liberal Arts Designee*
MBEPS Designee*
Public Safety Designee*
Designees (4)
*Required experience in both distance and face-to-face classes.

Committee Purpose/Charge

The Distance Education Standards Committee’s purpose is to work with State and District education policy to inform and assist college personnel in the relevant pedagogy and delivery of distance education. The committee will also develop and update a San Diego Miramar College handbook on best practices and online protocols in distance education.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Monitor State and District distance education policies and communicate information to the campus.
  • Bi-annually review campus-level online student outcome metrics to include:
    • Enrollment
    • Retention
    • Persistence
    • Success
  • Provide recommendations to the Academic Senate on District policies, the status of the student success metrics, and professional development practices regarding distance education.
  • Assist faculty by establishing guidelines and best practices in distance education.
  • Assist faculty and classified professionals in communicating best practices in distance education.
  • Perform work and provide evidence to ensure the college meets applicable areas of Accreditation Standard I-II.

Committee Procedures

  • Membership term lengths: Unless membership is designated by position, there is a two (2) year appointment with an option for an additional two-year service, and the possibility of 1 additional term if the position remains available.
  • This Committee makes recommendations to the Academic Senate.
  • Plans/Reports: Annual summary of goals and accomplishments to Academic Senate; Distance Education Handbook.
  • Quorum: 50% +1 of membership.
  • Committee Approval Process: Vote.

Meeting Frequency

The Committee will meet at least once per month during the academic year.

Parent Committee