Committee on Committees (ConC)

Contact Information

Paul Pablo Martin
Juli Bartolomei

Chair Requirements

This committee shall be chaired by the Vice President or President-Elect of the Academic Senate.

Committee Membership

Pablo Martin (President-Elect) Laura Murphy (A.S. President) Angela Romero (Secretary) Josh Alley (Treasurer)
Carmen Jay (Executive Senator) Melissa Martinez (Executive Senator) Alex Sanchez (Executive Senator) Dan Igou (Chair of Chairs)

Committee Purpose/Charge

This committee of the Academic Senate shall create and apply a process for appointment of faculty to College and District-wide governance committees every academic year.

Committee Responsibilities

Please see above.

Committee Procedures

  1. The procedure to ask Faculty members to serve on committees by the faculty (i.e. the Senate), Departments or Schools of the College, College administration, or the Chancellor's Office of the SDCCD, is to submit requests for Faculty appointments to the Academic Senate’s Committee on Committees.
  2. This committee shall carefully observe the following principles in making nominations and/or appointments:
    1. In accordance with the District Nondiscrimination Policy AP3410, the makeup of committees shall be diverse and equitably represent all areas of the College.
    2. Committees shall aspire to equitably represent all areas of the College as much as possible and as appropriate to the position, considering the following:
    1. Ethnicity
    2. Board-protected classes
    3. School or department
    4. Full-time or adjunct
    5. Special experience or knowledge
    1. Ex-officio members shall not be named as Chair of any committee. A complete charge shall be solicited from committees requesting faculty appointments.
    2. Faculty may appeal the outcome of the committee selection process based on the outlined above or as outlined in SDCCD Administrative Procedure 4200.1. C. Meetings.
    3. In time-sensitive matters where the Committee on Committees is not able to convene or unable to come to a conclusion, the Academic Senate President retains authority to make appointments.

Note: these principles have been codified into a screening committee appointment and approval process that was ratified by the Academic Senate body on December 7, 2021. (Please see this attached under "Important Documents.") The ConC has plans to expand this process to address all committee appointments, as necessary, and bring this to the A.S body for approval in Spring 2022. 

Meeting Frequency

The committee shall meet as needed at the call of the Chair. (Currently, this is the second Tuesday of each month from 3:30-5:00.)

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