Budget & Resource Development Subcommittee

Committee Goals

To review the budget allocation and resource development models on this Campus. This process includes:

  • Assisting with development and dissemination of annual updates of the college funding sources.
  • Identifying potential funding sources for program/service needs.
  • Reviewing information regarding potential funding sources as identified by the campus and/or grants office.
  • Reviewing & prioritizing the college annual program review-generated campus requests for funding.
  • Reviewing emergency requests for funding and facilitating identification of funding sources.

Chair Requirements

Co-Chairs: Any Faculty Member and the Vice President of Administrative Services

Faculty—Recommendation elected by committee—Three Year Term

Contact Information

Brett Bell

Committee Composition

VPA Accounting Supervisor District Budget Representative Representative
VPI Technology Support Representative Student Services Representative
VPSS Representative CTE Representative
Representative Representatives (4)

Committee Membership

*The Committee will elect a faculty Vice-Chair at the second meeting of the current faculty Co-Chair’s last year. The faculty Vice Chair will become the Committee’s recommendation for the new faculty Co-Chair the following year. Committee membership for administrators are designated by position held and shall include the Vice Presidents of Administrative Services, Instruction and Student Services. Faculty representation shall include the Academic Senate designee to the District Budget Council (If this is the Academic Senate President they will be a non-voting member) and at least one person from the Student Services division, and one from a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Classified Staff representation shall include the Accounting Supervisor and one member from the technology support area. Student membership will be an Associated Student Government designee.

Committee Procedures

The Budget and Resource Development Subcommittee will:

  • Participate in the college budget development process.
  • Establish general budgetary calendars and assist the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIEC) in development of the college annual planning calendar.
  • Develop, update, and distribute college requests for funding (RFF’s) procedure and
  • Coordinate dissemination of RFF with Instructional and Student Services Program Review/SLOAC subcommittees and with Administrative Services Program Review Committee.
  • Develop and implement criteria for review and prioritization of specific budget requests from program/service areas.
  • Review College, District and State funding reports, annually.
  • Work closely with campus representatives on the District Budget Council (DBC) to maintain knowledge of the District budget development process.

8. Provide oversight for budget revision due to extenuating circumstances.

9. Develop, update and implement a budget request appeal process.

10. Meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time