Associated Student Government

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Cheryl Barnard

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Committee Responsibilities

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is the representative body of the students in the shared governance process at Miramar College.

Committee Procedures

As stipulated in Title 5, Section 51023.7, students participate in college policies and procedures that have a direct impact on them to include the following:

  1. Grading policies;
  2. Codes of student conduct;
  3. Academic disciplinary policies;
  4. Curriculum development;
  5. Courses or programs that should be initiated or discontinued;
  6. Processes for institutional planning and budget development;
  7. Standards and policies regarding student preparation and success;
  8. Student services planning and development;
  9. Student fees within the authority of the District to adopt; and
  10. Any other District and college policy, procedure, or related matter that the District governing board determines will have significant effect on students.


Additional Information

More information about your Associated Student Government can be found on this student created and managed page:


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