Academic Senate Amendments and Bylaws Committee (ASA&B)

Contact Information

Carmen Carrasquillo

Chair Requirements

Vice-President of the Academic Senate

Committee Membership

Carmen Carrasquillo Monica Demcho Josh Alley Heather Paulson
Theron Page

Committee Purpose/Charge

This committee will study and recommend all amendments to this Constitution and its Bylaws. This committee shall consist of the Executive Committee, excluding the President, the Chair of Chairs, and the Curriculum Committee chair, and shall be chaired by the Vice President. This committee may opt to utilize the President or a legal or administrative advisor as needed but retains sole authority for any recommendations to amend this Constitution and its Bylaws.

Committee Responsibilities


Committee Procedures

The Constitution and/or Bylaws may be amended at the recommendation of the Amendments and Bylaws Committee, with sixty percent (60%) of the present and voting Senators approving, or by a motion from the floor, with two thirds (2/3) of the present and voting Senators approving.

The Constitution and its Bylaws should be reviewed in the Spring Semester, as necessary, with any approved changes to take effect at the start of the next academic year.