Support for Those Affected by the Violence in Israel-Gaza

As the violence in Israel and Gaza continues to escalate, people’s lives are in shambles as they suffer through the unrest. We have many on campus who have family, friends, and other connections there and as such are deeply affected by these events. Ultimately, whatever the politics involved, innocent people are experiencing loss of life, life-changing injury, and other acts against humanity. I encourage all to be aware of the deep impact these events may be having on our students and colleagues, and I ask that we all show compassion and offer condolences and support.

Miramar College has resources available for any who might be having difficulty in managing how they feel about these events. Please don’t hesitate to tap into these resources, and be quick to point out to any who seem to be struggling to do the same. Our Mental Health office is ready to assist, and may be contacted through their webpage (see link below) or by dialing 619-388-7881.

Miramar College Health Services webpage:

The District also offers the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) for anybody who would might want to use that resource. This service is free and available 24/7, and their services are confidential. Please know that these services are available not only to employees, but also all household and dependent family members.

These are the times when community can help carry us through hard times. Don’t hesitate to lean on those around you and the resources available.

In Empathy,


P. Wesley Lundburg


San Diego Miramar College

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