Health Center

Welcome to Student Health & Mental Health Counseling Services



Miramar Student Health Services will take student calls only for medical, nursing and mental health questions, 619-388-7881.

Student Health Call Center hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


In an emergency call 911 or Campus Police is 619-388-6405. 

 If we are closed or unavailable and this is a Mental Health Emergency contact the ACCESS & CRISIS 24 Hour Hotline (SD County) at 1-888-724-7240.


Your health is our priority.  Miramar's Student Health and Mental Health Counseling Services provides students with the resources to support their physical and mental wellness needs.  

Services are offered by licensed care providers and include prevention, medical care, emotional support and counseling services. We are located in the K-2 building. Students can be seen by appointment or on a walk-in basis when available. Appointments are highly suggested for Mental Health Counseling.  For further information CALL (619) 388-7881.

Student Health Clinic services include:

  • Free nurse (RN) visits
  • Free MD and nurse practitioner appointments
  • Weight/blood pressure/vision screenings
  • TB screening and testing
  • Lab tests
  • Physical exams/athletic physicals
  • X-ray orders
  • Basic first aid
  • Limited immunizations
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Preventive care/health counseling
  • Lactation Services

While serious or complicated medical conditions may be referred to providers outside of SHC for further evaluation and treatment, many services and care are given here on-campus, conveniently, compassionately and cost-effectively. 

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Lactation Services

Student Health Services offers students and employees access to a lactation room on campus.This room is located inside the K-2 building at the Health Services Office.  The lactation room is available for use up to ½ hour prior to Student Health Services closing time.  The lactation room offers clean temperature friendly environment with a table, chair and a sink with running water. Students and employees are welcome to check in at the front desk and request a tour of the lactation room prior to usage.

Mental Health Counseling Services

Mental Health Counseling Services provides short-term mental health services and referrals to currently enrolled students at no cost.  In addition, a variety of educational programs are offered including Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, and Test Anxiety reduction.