Test Proctoring Center

Test Center

The Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) department at Miramar College authorizes appropriate academic accommodations, including Test Proctoring, after thorough review of disability documentation and an extensive interactive process between the student and the DSPS Counselor.

Testing accommodations can be provided by either the instructor or the DSPS office.

Exams taken within Canvas:

  1. The student notifies their Professor that they would like to utilize test proctoring accommodations by submitting a copy of their Miramar Authorized Academic Accommodations (AAA) form.  An electronic copy of the AAA form is made available to the student by Miramar DSPS.
  2. The Professor extends the time (based on the accommodations letter) directly in Canvas for the student.  Here are the instructions on How to Extend Testing Time in Canvas.


Spring 2021 - Due to remote operations, DSPS has limited ability to provide proctoring support for Web or Remote based classes.  Professors who may have a need for such support are encouraged to contact DSPS early to discuss.

Proctoring will be provided by appointment only.


Our Test Proctoring Center provides a distraction reduced environment for students to take their exams. We provide students with disabilities equal access to their testing ability and assist students in accommodating their functional limitations.

The Test Proctoring Center is located in L-103 on the first floor of the LLRC building.
How to make a Test Proctoring Appointment:Test Center Inside

  1. Pick up a Test Accommodation Reservation Form (TARF) at the DSPS office.  Fill out the top portion.
    TARF Sample ONLY (not to be used) 
  2. Take the form to your professor and have them complete their portion (6 questions). Including how long the class will be given for the exam, a testing window and allowable materials (if any). 
  3. Return the completed and signed form to the DSPS office no later than 5 business days (1 week) before the exam.
    **10 business days (2 weeks) before midterms and finals.**
  4. Appointment will be made.

DSPS Student Expectations & Responsibilities

  1. Students are expected to communicate with their professor regarding their plans to utilize test proctoring services in advance.
  2. One week or more before the test you will complete the Test Accommodation Reservation Form (TARF). We cannot guarantee a proctor if you submit the form late.
  3. If the form is not completely filled out and signed by the instructor, the testing appointment cannot be confirmed. It is the students responsibility to ensure the professor fills out the form completely.
  4. If the Test Proctor observes cheating, the test will be stopped immediately. Your instructor will be contacted. DSPS may suspend your use of test accommodation.
  5. Testing appointments will not be changed or rescheduled unless approved by the instructor. The instructor must directly email or call the DSPS office.