Important Information about City's Nursing Program

Effective September 2018 (the next application cycle), CITY'S nursing program is requiring all applicants to have an active CNA license.  Currently, students can receive 5 points if they have this license and staff were not sure yet how those points will be allocated once the CNA is required (they encouraged us to keep checking the nursing program scoring rubric on their website).  Students can take the CNA required class through our District’s continuing education department (see link below).  The program is free, but there are expenses related to books, uniforms, TB test, etc.  Once this class is completed, they can sit for the CNA exam.


The cost of City College’s ADN program is increasing from $5,800 to over $7,000 (please see attached list of fees).  At least one of the areas that has increased is related to the costs of ATI testing providing some NCLEX testing information to ADN students.  The NCLEX is the exam that students take to become a Register Nurse (RN).  FYI - All nursing program’s NCLEX exam pass rates are located on their website (see link).  I encourage all students to review this information as it gives them insight into how the respective nursing programs are going to prepare them to pass this exam:


I have attached City College’s scoring rubric with a few additional comments in blue from the workshop.  Our Transfer Center has monthly nursing workshops throughout the semester and summer.  During these workshops, I review the following information:  community college nursing requirements, SDSU (and other schools) transfer requirements, RN-BSN programs requirements (specifically SDSU and PLNU), TEAS test (parts of the tests, studying options, etc.), CNA license (where students can get this license, etc.), background checks, immunizations, and other requirements of the nursing programs.


FYI:  The Transfer Center nursing workshop on Thursday, April 12th at 2:30 p.m. has been cancelled.  The next nursing workshop is scheduled on Monday, April 30th from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. in the Transfer Center.  If a student cannot make the workshop, please have them contact the MIRAMAR TRANSFER CENTER as we are happy to meet individually to review the workshop information.