Assessment Office - Who Should Take The Assessment Test?

Who Should Take The Assessment Test?

All Miramar college students need to receive a placement for Math and English (to understand more about placement, visit What is Assessment?). Students may be exempt from Assessment if they have qualifying Alternative Placement Measures. Even with qualifying exemptions, many students may benefit from taking the Placement Assistant.

If a student has qualifying Alternative Placement Measures, they should first submit them to Miramar college, and then meet with a counselor to determine if they should go through the Placement Assistant.

In addition to being a part of the new student enrollment process, completing the assessment process can help many students receive priority registration. Priority registration means an earlier registration date/time, and a higher chance of enrolling in a class before it fills.


In addition to being part of the placement process, the assessment is for students who plan to:

  • Take English or math courses
  • Take a course that has an English or math prerequisite
  • Obtain an associate degree
  • Transfer to a four-year college or university
  • Meet with a counselor to form either a long or short term Education Plan.