POST Academy FAQs

Academy Application

How do I apply for the academy?

The POST Academy application is a multiple step process that unsponsored candidates are required to complete before the posted deadline of the application acceptance period.  Please check the academy dates. Applications will only be accepted during the dates listed - NO EXCEPTIONS.

There are two applications that are required. The first application can be submitted on the statewide CCCApply website. The second application required is the San Diego Regional Public Safety Training Institute (SDRPSTI) application that will only be available during the posted dates of acceptance.

The following materials must be submitted as a single PDF (not to exceed 15 MB):

  1. Completed SDRPSTI application with wet signatures in designated areas, and
  2. Copy of valid California Class C driver’s license or current military ID and out-of-state valid driver’s license
      1. Temporary/paper driver’s license or out-of-state driver’s license are not accepted

Email single PDF and SDCCD Student/User ID# (within the body of email) to


How do I get help with the CCCApply website?

The statewide CCCApply website is hosted by the California Community College statewide system. For technical assistance, please contact the help desk at (877) 247-4836 or


What happens after I submit my application?

Once your application and supporting documents have been accepted, you will be given a packet with several other tasks and their deadlines to be completed. The packet will contain information about Live Scan fingerprint/background clearance, Medical Waiver, and testing dates. You may not be contacted by the academy staff until the testing date. Be on time with required documents, government issued picture ID, and proper attire.


What if I missed the deadline to submit my application?

The academy maintains strict deadlines and therefore there are no exceptions. Applicants will be advised to apply for the next academy.


How do I enroll/register for the academy?

Because the academy is based on availability and acceptance, enrollment/registration is restricted. An admission representative will enroll students accepted as provided by the academy staff, following the first day of attendance.


If I meet all of the minimum requirements, will I get into the academy?

No, there is no guarantee that unsponsored candidates will be accepted or admitted. Priority is given to sponsored law enforcement recruits. Unsponsored candidates that have successfully passed the screening and tests will be placed on a waitlist until the number of available open seats has been determined.


Academy Fees

How much does it cost to attend the academy?

Tuition Fees

The academy consists of a 24-unit course. California Community College tuition rates are $46 per unit. Mandatory Student Health & Student Insurance Fees are assessed each semester.

California Residents

$1,104          Enrollment Fee ($46 for 24 units)

$20          Student Health & Insurance Fees per Spring/Fall semesters ($17 Summer semester)


$1,104          Enrollment Fee ($46 for 24 units)

$7,296          Nonresident Tuition Fee ($304 for 24 units)

$20          Student Health & Insurance Fees per Spring/Fall semesters ($17 Summer semester)

Parking Permit

The academy permits are specific to the dates of the academy. Student Parking Permits will be available to purchase on the first day of the academy.

$40               Auto Permit

$30               Carpool Permit*

$17.50          Motorcycle Permit*

*requires additional coordination

Course Supplies

Each student will be required to purchase uniforms, supplies, and equipment for the academy estimated at approximately $2,000. Further details will be provided upon acceptance.

Unsponsored students should not purchase any items until their acceptance has been confirmed by the San Diego Regional Public Safety Training Institute staff.

Financial Support

  • Unsponsored applicants/students are highly encouraged to apply for Financial Aid and seek sponsorship from a law enforcement agency.
  • Payment plans may be established through the Student Accounting office.
  • Those with military benefits are encouraged to contact the Veterans Affairs office.
  • For more information on the California Education Code determining factors and establishing CA residency, review the Student Residency Classification.



What is the PALLETB??

The POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) is an aptitude test used to measure reading and writing ability for a career in law enforcement.

The PELLETB is a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank written examination designed to measure reading and writing ability. Applicants are given 2½ hours to complete the PELLETB, which contains five sections:

  • Spelling (applicants select the correct spelling of a word from a list of options)
  • Vocabulary (applicants select the correct meaning of a word from a list of options)
  • Clarity (applicants select the sentence that is most clearly written from a pair of options)
  • Reading Comprehension (applicants read a passage and answer questions about the passage’s content)
  • CLOZE (applicants use contextual clues to complete a passage that contains blanks/missing words)

The Applicant Preparation Guide for the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (pdf) is a study guide that provides more information about the PELLETB.


What if I have already taken the PALLETB?

The PELLETB is valid for one year. The original document and a copy with a score of 47 or greater must be presented to the Training Officer on the scheduled test day.


What if I don't pass the PALLETB?

The opportunity to remediate and retest the PALLETB is after 30 days have passed. Failure to successfully pass a retest will result in dismissal.




What is the PAT?

The Physical Ability Test (PAT) is an aptitude test used to measure reading and writing ability for a career in law enforcement. The test will include the P.O.S.T. job related Work Sample Test Battery and general physical fitness testing (running, push-ups, and sit-ups). 

Students should minimally be capable of running 3 miles at a 9-minute mile pace, and performing 25 standard push-ups and sit-ups. Physical fitness training will include running, weight training, and calisthenics.  


What can I do to prepare for the academy physical conditioning program?

The Academy includes a strenuous Physical Training Program with tests conducted periodically to determine the recruit's ability and progress.

The physical conditioning program consists of aerobic, strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility conditioning. Usually, jogging is the mode of aerobic conditioning. Calisthenics circuit training or weight circuit training, commonly used for strength and muscular endurance conditioning. Static stretching is the usual mode of flexibility conditioning.

For best results, your exercise program should already match the descriptions below.

  • Aerobic conditioning, 3-5 days per week, 20-60 minutes each day, continuous jogging on most days each week
  • Muscular strength/endurance, 2-3 days per week, one set of 8-10 exercises including upper body, core, and legs, 8-20 repetitions per set
  • Flexibility, static stretching, at least 2-3 days per week, preferably 5-7 days, 8-12 stretches each day, hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds and repeat each 2-4 times
  • Continuous participation at the above-described levels for the last six months without injury

For additional training tips, visit

Each agency maintains their own employment requirements. For their specific employment requirements, please contact the agency's Recruiting unit.


Veterans Affairs

How do I use my V.A. Education Benefits?

If you are a veteran planning to utilize V.A. Educational Benefits (CH33 Post 9/11 GI Bill®) for the Law Enforcement Academy, you will need to submit documentation to the college Veterans Affairs Office via email to  Be sure to include your full name and 10-digit student ID number in your email. 

Submit the following documents:

  • Certificate of Eligibility Letter or VA Statement of Benefits (
  • DD-214 Member 4  
  • VA Police Academy Documents (
  • Please contact the VA office (K1- 207) for further requirements and questions, (619) 388-7862,

Once all required documents are received, the college VA Office will submit your VA enrollment certification (VA 22-1999).  Please allow 4-8 weeks for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to process benefits and payments.   

All enrollment/registration is processed after the first day of academy.  Please note that certification cannot be processed until enrollment/registration is posted to student record.


Law Enforcement Agencies

What agencies are served by the SDRPSTI?

Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to apply directly with the law enforcement agency for academy sponsorship.

Many agencies sponsor their recruits through the academy with immediate employment following academy graduation. Each agency maintains their own employment requirements. For their specific employment requirements, please contact the agency's Recruiting Office.

You may enter the academy un-sponsored by an agency (you finance yourself through the academy). Apply to San Diego Miramar College and the SDRPSTI as an open enrollment student during the application period. Your name is placed on a testing list to fulfill the required academy entrance requirements. Applicants are chosen from an eligibility list to fill available spaces in each academy course. Open enrollment students are required to obtain DOJ clearance (Live Scan) prior to the start of the academy. 

Agencies served by the SDRPSTI



Cal State San Marcos 760-750-4567
Carlsbad PD 760-931-2178
Chula Vista PD 619-691-5096
Coronado PD 619-522-7300
El Cajon PD 619-579-3311
El Centro PD 760-327-4528
Escondido PD 760-839-4791
Grossmont-Cuyamaca College PD 619-644-7323
La Mesa PD 619-667-1175
MiraCosta College PD 760-795-6640
National City PD 619-336-4309
Oceanside Harbor PD 760-966-4570
Oceanside PD 760-435-3508
San Diego City Lifeguards 619-236-6467
San Diego City Parks and Recreation Department Rangers 619-682-1011
San Diego City Schools Police 619-725-7000
San Diego Community College District PD 619-388-6411
San Diego County Probation Department 619-514-8558
San Diego County Sheriff's Department 858-974-2013
San Diego District Attorney's Office 858-694-3900
San Diego PD 619-531-2677
SDSU PD 619-594-1991
San Diego Harbor PD 619-725-6070
UCSD PD 858-534-4358

COVID-19 Requirements

What are the current COVID-19 mandates or requirements?

San Diego Community College District information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocols for students and staff can be referenced by visiting