College Governance Committee

Committee Goals

The College Governance Committee will monitor, facilitate and, whenever necessary, evaluate the operation of the governance plan as outlined in this Handbook. The Committee will be responsible for the following:

  1. Review governance issues for the campus and make recommendations if more than one committee should review an issue.
  2. Interpret Title V as it applies to faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Review and make recommendations regarding changes to the model as outlined in this Handbook.
  4. Review and make recommendations regarding changes to this Handbook.
  5. Provide an annual evaluation of the governance structure and its operating effectiveness.

Chair Requirements

Academic Senate Vice President (President Elect or Past President)

Chair Election – designated by position held

Chair Term – Not Applicable

Contact Information

Marie McMahon

Committee Composition

Representative Representative 1 Academic Senate Vice President Representative 1
Representative 2 Representative 2 Representative 2
Representative 3 Representative 3
Representative 4
Representative 5

Committee Membership

If committee work is required when the entire committee is not available, a steering committee comprised of the administrative representative, one classified, one faculty, and one student representative shall act for the Committee. The Faculty member of this steering committee will be the elected chair of the Committee.

Committee Procedures

  1. Any group or individual may request the Committee to review a matter.
    1. Requests should be made in writing.
    2. The requesting party should plan to attend the review meeting to offer clarifications
  2. All recommendations will be reported to the Academic Senate, the Classified Senate, the Associated Student Council, and the College President, through normal channels to CEC.
  3. Procedures for requesting changes to the governance model or this Handbook are outlined in Appendix IV: Procedures For Changing The Model And The Handbook.
  4. The Committee will maintain the status of the College Governance membership.

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.