Academic Affairs Committee

Committee Goals

  1. Discusses instructional operational issues including class scheduling, enrollment management and educational policy matters.
  2. Facilitates enrollment procedures.
  3. In consultation with the VPI and the School Deans, establishes the annual goals and objectives for the Instructional division, based on the goals and objectives from each School as determined through the San Diego Miramar College Integrated Planning process.
  4. Implements, reviews, and makes recommendations to the pertinent sections of the San Diego Miramar College Strategic Plan.
  5. Reviews and recommends revisions to the Instructional Division Plan as part of the San Diego Miramar College Integrated Planning process.

Chair Requirements

Co-Chairs – Chair of Chairs and Vice President of Instruction

Chair Election – designated by position held

Chair Term – Not Applicable

Committee Composition

VPI Representative 1 Articulation Officer Representative 1
VPSS Representative 2 Counseling Chair Representative 2
Dean, School of MBEPS Representative 3 School of MBEPS Representative 3
Dean, School of Liberal Arts School of Liberal Arts
Dean, School of Public Safety School of Public Safety
Dean, School of BTCWI School of BTCWI
Dean of PRIELT Library Chair
Dean of Student Affairs

Committee Membership

THE VOTING MEMBERSHIP consists of the School Deans, VPI, VPSS, all instructional department chairs, and the articulation officer. Faculty voting membership shall be a minimum of 4 faculty from each Instructional School.

Committee Procedures

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.

Standing Sub-committees will be given a regular place on the agenda to make reports to the parent committee.

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

Date Location