The Graphics program provides the graduate with the demonstrable skills, documented experience, a portfolio of evidence, and the personal confidence to enter a career in which the ability to create, produce, and effectively use graphic identity and communications is a critical requirement. The program is task-oriented, intended to provide “embedded skills” beneficial to most careers.

Career/Transfer Options

Careers in the field of Graphics include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Pre-Press Technician
  • Production Artist
  • Photographer’s Digital Assistant
  • Public Relations Sign and Tradeshow Displays
  • Publications (newspaper, magazine, book)
  • Advertising
  • Gaming and Multimedia
  • Animation
  • Printing Trades
  • Food Industry Marketing
  • Financial/Business Services
  • Medical/Legal (forensic) Support
  • Business Information Management
  • Religious Organization Non-profit Support and Fund-raising
  • Museum and Gallery Staff
  • Art and Graphic Supply Sales
  • Art and Music Promotion
  • Direct Marketing

Additionally, companies and organizations hire employees with skills to work on a variety of graphics needs including:

  • Corporate Identity/Information
  • Packaging Merchandising Labels and Stickers
  • Imprinted Clothing
  • Award and Incentive
  • Product Imprinting
  • Directories
  • Cards

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Create communications in typography and images using computers.
  • Develop craftspersonship skills for building computer files for screen and print output.
  • Evaluate and analyze the role of graphics in historical and contemporary societies.

Catalog Pages

258 (ARTD)

Degrees & Certificates

AA Degree AA or AS for Transfer AS Degree Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Performance Catalog Pages
      258 (ARTD)
        258 (ARTD)

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