Academic Success Center

Welcome to the Academic Success Center (ASC)!

We are dedicated to helping students succeed in their classes through quality academic support services.

The ASC is located at the southwest corner of the Library/Learning Resources Center (LLRC), in Room L-101.

Here are some of the services we can provide to students:

  • One-on-one tutoring by appointment or walk-in basis in a variety of subjects, including English, math, and the sciences.  You may book half- or full-hour sessions with a tutor either by telephone or in person at the front desk.  Our services are free of charge to students who wish to get help in courses that they are currently enrolled at Miramar.  
  • Our writing tutors are happy to work with students enrolled in classes not limited to the English Department.
  • Study rooms on a first come, first served basis with free use of whiteboard markers
  • Pay-for-print (b/w & color)
  • Learning resources (e.g. anatomy models, microscopes & slides, geology rocks)
  • Flexible study space to suit your study needs
  • Computers with Internet access and Wi-Fi

Our twitter handle is @SDMCAcadSuccess, follow to get updates on changes to operating hours and other announcements!

Surveys, Tutor Application, and Resources

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SI Review Session Satisfaction Survey 


Are you interested in becoming a tutor at the ASC?


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For Current ASC Tutors

Basic Skills/Transfer Level Usage Survey 

Academic Success Center/Math Lab/English Center Staff

Lou Ascione - Dean of Liberal Arts

Donnie Tran - Faculty Coordinator for Student Success

Kenneth Reinstein - Faculty, English Center Co-Coordinator

Jenean Jacobs - Faculty, English Center Co-Coordinator

Francine McCorkell - Instructional Support, Independent Learning Center

Reylyn Cabrera - Instructional Lab Technician, Academic Success Center 

Bryce Lyon - Education Technician, Math Lab

Young Dewberry - Education Technician, Math Lab

Kevin Kim - Education Technician, Math Lab