Academic Departments

Chair/Co-Chair(s) Phone
Administration of Justice Jordan Omens 619-388-7454
Aeronautical & Aviation Larry A. Pink 619-388-7665
Arts & Humanities Mark Hertica 619-388-7696
Automotive & Diesel Technology Daniel S. Willkie
Joseph P. Young
Biological Sciences Andrew Lowe 619-388-7536
Business P. Darrel Harrison 619-388-7457
Chemistry Rebecca Bowers-Gentry
Child Development Dawn C. DiMarzo 619-388-7678
English, Communication & Foreign Languages Carmen Jay
Adrian Arancibia
Exercise Science, Health & Nutrition Nicolas Gehler 619-388-7715
Fire Protection Technology & Emergency Medical Technician Mary Kjartanson 619-388-7968
health services
Important Changes to Veterans Benefits
Mathematics Francois Bereaud 619-388-7503
Physical Sciences Regina Bochicchio 619-388-7241
Police Academy
Social & Behavioral Sciences Daniel Igou 619-388-7646