Cost of Attendance


Determination of your financial need is based on information you provide on your FAFSA application. A student budget is an estimate of how much it will cost you to attend college and support yourself during the period of attendance.

Listed below are the student budgets for the 2016–17 school year. Your actual costs may differ from our standard budgets.


Fees are subject to change at any time based on decisions by the State Legislature.

  With Parents Off Campus
Enrollment Fees $1,104 $1,104
Health Fee $38 $38
Books and Supplies $1,791 $1,791
Food and Housing $4,968 $12,492
Transportation $1,107 $1,242
Personal Expenses $3,177 $2,916
Total $12,185 $19,583
  • Tuition costs for non-resident students will be added to the budgets
  • Loan fees of 1.068% will be added when applying for a loan. [loan origination fees may increase at any time at the discretion of the U.S. Department of Education]
At the discretion of the Financial Aid Director or designee, adjustments may be made to an individual student’s budget to reflect special circumstances.

    Cost of Attendance - Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) = Financial Need

    Your expected family contribution (EFC) is the amount you and or your parents are expected to pay for educational costs and is calculated taking into account your taxable income, certain non-taxable benefits and assets. The EFC is subtracted from your Cost of Attendance. The difference is your financial need.

    The EFC is determined using a federal formula which takes into account the size of the household, the number of students in the household attending college, your age and/or your parent’s age along with other factors.

    In addition, any other financial resources to be received during the school year such as AmeriCorps grants, BIA grants, and other outside scholarships will be deducted from your financial need.

    If you have special circumstances such as a loss of employment or income, separation or divorce, death of a parent, ect. And you do not qualify for much or any financial assistance, please contact our office to see if your circumstances merit a change in your financial need calculation.


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