On-Campus Tutoring

Walk-In Assistance

The ASC offiers walk-in tutoring (tutoring without an appointment) this semester.



Our Tutors

Our tutors are carefully selected and specially trained to help you succeed in your studies. You may need just one or two sessions to get through a “rough spot” in your class or you may wish to have on-going sessions. In either case, you will receive the finest tutoring assistance that the San Diego Community College District has to offer.

ASC tutors are selected because they are successful students within their disciplines. They take a tutor training class to learn the latest methods to help students with coursework. They learn the "hands-off" method of tutoring which encourages students to "learn how to learn," so that no matter which class they take, they can master the information.

Moreover, our tutors are trained to "understand what it means to not understand." Just because they’re very good at math or English, they still know what it means to struggle since they know that learning is essentially "overcoming confusion."

So if you have math anxiety or don't know how to begin a research paper or accounting is keeping you up at night or chemistry assignments are getting you down, our tutors can help. It’s what they love to do; help you.